Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You for Listening.

"I dream for a living." -Steven Spielberg 

I don't believe in coincidences. I don't think I ever have. To me, nothing is random. This also happens to be something that my character Isabelle in Tyranny says throughout the series.

And I feel this exact same way. A friend told me once that coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous.

Welp, I find myself in such an extraordinary position at the moment. Where I am literally two and in some cases one and in other cases still, not one degree away from my dreams: 1. the people with whom I SO crave to work. 2. The BIG people who make the decisions about hiring me to work. 3. The people who can make my career happen in a moment. Suddenly, I am a star.

I am tutoring 4 and sometimes 5 days a week, a few hours a day. And just to bring home my point -- I am going to first state that I love the kids I tutor. I told Nicholas the other day, I absolutely love them. They inspire me with the purity of their dreams, with their nerves for exams -- reminding me that there are high stakes in life and that it is honorable to care so much about something, I love playing ping pong with Harrison. I laugh so hard when Bradley was trying to say "I am hungry" in Spanish and he accidentally said, "Tengo hamburguesa." Which translates to "I have hamburger. Hehe.

But there has absolutely been a period of time when I felt like, why am I still doing this? I have been tutoring for over 5 years now and it's sooo time to no longer do this. 

And yes, amaaazing things are happening! I have a full script for the movie I am going to make! I have booked a third voice over today! I am getting ridiculously amazing referrals. I feel blessed.

Utterly blessed.

And I know that there is SO much more to do. This is barely even the beginning. Barely even the scratching of the record about to play the most splendid song known to man.

And yet... lately, it has been dawning on me that I am on this path for a reason. In other words, I just recently learned that I tutor the son of the head of NBC. Literally THE HEAD. And tonight, he asked me about Alec. Because when he went to watch Saturday Night Live  last weekend for the season finale, he and his wife told Alec that they knew me. 

And Alec told them, "Kieren is a great actress."

"Acting to me is about not being afraid to be made a fool of. Acting to me is about courage." Speilberg said this on Actor's Studio. And Alec said the same thing to me when I saw him in New York last month. The exact same thing. Not being afraid to make a fool of yourself.

And Marc told me tonight what Alec said. He brought it up to me. And so, I told him my great story about how I met Alec at my play over a year ago. And how I then tested for Saturday Night Live. And he loved the story! And he smiled at me and asked me about Alec's mentioning me having a part on an NBC show!!! We shall see what magic happens next...

And then, tonight I was talking to Nicholas whose grandfather Sid produced Jaws,  in fact his grandmother starred in the movie. And Nicholas was talking about dinner with Speilberg and how Steven is so kind and folds his napkin just right and how he always looks so well-dressed and he showed me Spielberg's IMDB page and the man is beyond prolific.

Nicholas also reminded me that any successful person has a killer work ethic. He told me that Steven was saying at this particular dinner they all shared with the two families that he had been sooo busy for like two weeks that he'd been spending all day at the office and had to finish certain projects as he sat at the office because he ha deadlines and these projects had  to be met.

Nicholas reminded me that even when you are super successful, you continue to work your ass off -- if you have any desire to remain relevant, to keep contributing. 

"If I saw myself the way you all saw me, I would have to stop doing this." This is another bit of what Speilberg said at the Actor's Studio. He said he knew that he was famous, but he didn't feel that way. And if he did, it would be the death of him.

So... I sit here tonight, blogging away into the abyss that is my apple laptop and I want SOOOOO badly to work with Speilberg that I could cry.

And I am right now. Just a little...

And I would SO love to work with Alec on his show on NBC that when I think about it, my stomach jumps, my heart skips a beat, and a smile creeps up onto my face and my eyes light up.

And you know what, my little blades, these things are all possible. I am writing Steven another letter. I will make it clever and heartfelt and I will send it off tomorrow. And I will see Alec when I am in New York.

And all of these things, well -- yes, I have absolutely been creating my success and writing/directing/producing/starring in great material that I have found.

True dat.

But being in the homes of these greats -- the head of NBC and thus, Alec's show -- or these soon to be greats like Nicholas who are sooo connected to my dream people, Speilberg. All this would've been thrown away if I had let ego get in the way and I'd said, why am I tutoring?

You couldn't ask for these connections. For these friendships. For these non-coincidences."


I am SO close I can feel it.

"The future is so bright, I have to wear sunglasses," as Oprah once said. Or was it Quincy Jones who said it to her?

Anyway... MAGIC.

And the subject of today's blog?

When Speilberg was asked by James Lipton on The Actor's Studio what he'd like to hear from God upon arriving in heaven, this was his exquisite response:

Thank you for listening.

Love... Always.


  1. Congrats with all your recent success. I too do not believe in coincidences, everything does happen for a reason.

    Best of luck.

  2. Thank you, Michael. What a lovely comment. Welcome to my blog :) And I hope this finds you smiling!