Monday, May 31, 2010

the near 6 month check in.

"Ripeness is all."
- William Shakespeare.

Night, night, my little blades... What I would like to leave you all with tonight is ripeness.

Because when we are ready in life for BIG things. For major breakthroughs, for massive shifts. For a whole new us, we are ripe. We are as fruit, a heavy peach about to fall off its tree...

And my letters are prepped, my trip is planned, my movie -- ready for some tweaks and the first draft is done! Tutoring is over forever in a few days, high school reunion... Great things abounding!

Ripeness is all.  

I know that what I have left -- I have to do what I say  tomorrow, which is today. Zoiks. Every day.

Letters mailed, emails sent, phone calls made, actions taken.

I am ripe. I shall ask and send and mail and work and love and write and act and share. And sign with a great agency. I shall fall in love...

Ripeness is all.

It is when we are ripe, ready, that our loves, our lives shift dramatically.

What are my little blades ripe for? What do you just know it is time for?

I know it is tutor time over, movie time beginning, major vo and commercials, TV show coming!!! Agent signing and... My year as movie star and best-selling author and millionaire... I am plugging away!!!

With you all by my side... I am continuing to push my dreams into the sun.

We are almost half-way through the year. How are/where are my goals?

Earning $ making commercial, 3 radio spots, movie script is complete -- met with director about it, gonna work on editing it to perfection, 3 agents have my memoir, going to send to new agents this week -- asking for referrals...

Working, working, working...

And soooo ready for love. And from the work comes the love.

And on that note, my little blades, keep working at your dreams too -- know that the greatest invariably have the greatest work ethics. And that with and through love, we are all the more extraordinary.

I am ready, ripe, for extraordinary. One of the greatest.

Tomorrow, celebrate the holiday! Have fun -- refresh!

And steal away 10 minutes for yourselves to meditate on what you wish for, visualize it and then go about your day. Then, Tuesday you shall see things start to shift.

Quiet brings certainty. Then action brings success.

Do it, little blades. Make your dreams your realities. Steal some time for you... And what you wish for. 

I send you all Love... Always.

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