Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Gate To Eternity.

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”
- Kahlil Gibran.

Here is a New York shot of the awesome, newly married couple, Jason & Carolina Roberts. They were married tonight. Mazel Tov!!!

I write to you all after their lovely, lovely wedding at The Brentwood Country Club. My dear friend Jason Roberts of 12 years has married the love of his life.

And she is an angel. A Colombian angel. I absolutely adore her. And their love and passion and excitement for life inspires me. Today was the day Jason and I have dreamt of together ever since the day we met.

And sitting in this lovely reception area with all of their friends and family gathered around -- was proof that love exists. And that our loves are out there, looking for us too.

Jason and Carolina are best friends and they make each other better in this world. In fact, they make this world better.

Seeing an old friend get married is emotional -- in the best possible way. In a sense, it feels like your dream is coming true too. At least that's how I felt today. Like, I am next.

And for this next chapter, I am thrilled. I am growing up, my little blades. And all of you out there who have found your loves -- you deeply inspire me. And all of my little blades who are still searching -- let us jump in together.

Like children running towards the sun.

Like the old, sitting on a porch, sipping tea, creaky chairs, wind rustling through the tall, weeping trees. Smiling at one another.

For today is a day to celebrate LOVE. And as my friend Kari said tonight, I went to New York to find my muse.

And the thing is, my little blades, I just may do the same. This summer, I shall pick up for awhile and travel, shuffle off to New York to find my love.

This just may happen.

This just may.


Haha. Being a hipster poet blogger.

Anyway... I am Ty-red Banks as I am prone to saying. And thus, I shall blog more on the wedding tomorrow.

For now, I wish for you all that you all wish for. I saw tonight - in my gold lamme jumpsuit, with my gold high heels and my bracelits and my two gold rings - love. I felt love. 

And I am in love. With what stands before me.

With where I am, now.

And so I send you all a wish... That we may all be loved as we so achingly deserve. That we may continue to push our dreams into the sun, that they may be eternal because we have loved. 

Because in our dreams of love, as my fellow Lebanese poet once said, are hidden the gates to eternity.

Our art, our books, our plays, our babies and marriages, our movies and web series, our blogs, tweets, facebook posts, texts, emails, letters, all are methods of reaching out and assuring the world that we are not alone.

Making ourselves count. Making ourselves eternal. Scratching the surface of life. Making our indentation. By making ourselves known. That we have loved and lived here.

Made a difference.

That we have loved.

And been loved back.

And on this note, my little blades, I send each and every one of you...

Love... Always.

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