Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucy's Meditation.

"Imagine everything you could ever want in your life. And then... Live every moment like it's already yours."
- Lucy Walsh.

My friend Lucy has been watching The Secret again. And I know that this movie has become known in our minds collectively as pop culture self-improvement babble. But the truth is -- there is truth is this message. It is thousands of years old.

We think. Therefore we are.

And so, tonight Lucy told me exactly what I needed to hear -- which is that she meditates all throughout the day on her dreams being her reality.

I said to her I see myself as married in a lovely home with a few babies and I see my Academy Award, my Tony, my Golden Globe, my Pulitzer, my millions...

And she says, Okay, you see that happening to you in the future? Now -- see this as your reality today, this moment. You already have everything you could ever imagine. What you have always dreamed about. 

She was saying that the universe only hears what we are thinking -- and if we are thinking I don't want to be alone. The universe simply hears "alone." And if we need time along and are too busy to fathom it, the universe only hears "busy."

So, I happily lapped up what she said. As I threw the ball to Gatsby in the courtyard tonight as we chatted on our cellphones, I began to see it. 


All of the details and the feeling of it.


And so, tonight and tomorrow morning, I am meditating on it all being here.

After all, I am reading MY MOVIE TOMORROW!!!

And I am pumped for it!!!

I am  emailing it to a producer/actor friend and to an investor. I will be sending out my memoir to a literary agent. And I will write a thank you card to a manager who wanted to meet with me.

I will write Morgan Freemna's company a thank you letter.

I will write Steven Speilberg again. I will ask for advice on this one.

I will spend time with my husband -- huuuusssbbbaaannnddd. In the courtyard with Gatsby -- actually, in our own private garden. We will read my script because tomorrow I am shooting it. And I LOVE to read with him -- because he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. And I am taking Gatsy to have his teeth cleaned and then, we are picking up my new car!!! My Audi station wagon!!!

And I am signing papers officially with my new manager who adores and sooo gets me. Wow. How RAD does this feel???

And I am getting my check in the mail today for my memoir book deal. $150,000.00!!!

Tomorrow on set -- I will be working with my co-star who is amaaaazing in this role -- and though he is a movie star -- he has never played a part so deep and mysterious and challenging. He is a bit of a "revelation" in this part.

I throw on my red party dress and strappy heels for my scene tomorrow and fashion show for him in our kitchen in front of our island, sipping on wine and munching on his homemade guacamole. And I am soooo stoked for shooting tomorrow!!! Our first scene.

We're shooting in NYC and we are in our house in the country now, Gatsby at my feet, the two of us, petting him, Gatsby smiling...

I brush my bangs aside and let my hair flow. He brings my face closer to him and whispers, tomorrow you are going to shine, my bright star. Proud of you. Beaming, proud.

I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve. I am ready to tear open my presents and run through the house in my big, fuzzy socks -- but that's for tomorrow. Call time is 7:30am.

Zoiks. That means I gotta go. Gotta get my beauty sleep for my first day of shooting my debut movie tomorrow!!!

What are my little blades doing tomorrow? What dreams are you making a sparkling reality?

Mine... I am a STAR. Audrey. Julia. Meg. Me.

I am F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ann Sebold. Elizabeth Gilbert. My book is in Barnes & Noble!!! The cover of my mom and me -- the one I've been using for the breast cancer walk in her honor.

Ahhh... My little blades... Do you all get the picture? And though this picture is all mine, I would LOVE to hear about yours. Feel free to use this space tomorrow to write your dreams which are as Lucy reminds us all -- already our reality. Sparkling reality.

Feel free to comment your dreams.

Put them out there. Be brave. Be bold. Live your dreams out. Start here. Now.

And be the stars you, we are all born to be.

And know that I am rooting for each and every one of you.

Love... Always.

p.s. My friend Santiago made this picture for me and posted it on my Facebook this morning -- how perfect for today's blog???

No such thing as coincidences, only the divinity of time.

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