Friday, May 21, 2010

The Assembly Line & The Moonwalk.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right." 
~Henry Ford

I may be the only blogger to put Henry Ford and Michael Jackson side by side, but alas... One believed and created
the first automobile within the economic reach of the average american -- something previously unfathomed... And
then, The Ford Assembly Line -- which revolutionized productivity in American factories.

And the other broke down -- then obliterated race barriers in music. Becoming the first African American singer to
be played on R & B and Pop stations -- breaking age barriers as well -- after all, in the 80's my preppy stepmom 
was being taught the moonwalk by a younger, African American co-worker in their little bank in Princeton, NJ. She 
still loves MJ. And she doesn't even like pizza. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for "most charities
supported by a pop star" -- 39 and counting!

Tonight's quote was given to me by my dear friend, the amaaazing healer Jessica Ranek -- p.s. I call her that -- she 
doesn't call herself that :)

But on a day when I emailed and heard from every amaaazing person back -- so supportive and loving and excited
for me -- I am realizing that my dreams are coming true as I type... My commercial agent and VO agent and movie and TV star friends and CAA friend and producing partner -- all out there -- excited for me. As I am for all of you/

And thus, here is Michael Jackson... A poor black boy from Gary, Indiana who lived out his every dream -- and then,
gave back, always saying, "I love you more."

And on that note, my little beasts -- your new name! -- I hope you enjoy this beautiful performance -- and just
remember that if these 2 had listened to everyone who told them their dreams were impossible, what car would
you be driving? and where would our music be today?

Love to my little beasts near and far... Always!


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  2. Thank you, E! You just made my night :)